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By Alex Rice, Engineer on Thursday June 5

Saferide's website is undergoing long-overdue maintenance. During this process, Saferide's online resources (homepage, Dashboard, etc.) may be intermittently unavailable.

Maintenance will commence beginning June 5, 2014 and is expected to last through August 2014.

Maintenance goals include:
Migration of / servers    Complete
• Rennovation of Saferide's homepage
• Launch of brand new Dashboard

Questions during this process should be directed to Tyler Jenkins.

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Hours of Operation

Vans are standing by during the following hours (academic year only)...

Thursday 10:00p - 1:40a
Friday 10:00p - 2:30a
Saturday 10:00p - 2:30a

Call (410) 677 5000!

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Top Frequently Asked Questions

Why hasn't my ride come?
Saferide transports anywhere from 300 to 500 students on a typical night. That is 900 to 1500 students each weekend! Things get busy and vans get backed up. Please be patient. Also, if you are not on the lookout for our van, they may attempt to pick you up, but pass by (especially if they have other calls to run)! Make sure you are waiting by a window or outside so you SEE the van when it comes.

Where can Saferide pick me up?
Saferide can pick you up from anywhere within our 3 mile radius except campus and the streets, and intersections directly surrounding it (such as Loblolly, W. College & Camden, Dogwood, etc.). This includes restaurants, bars, houses, and intersections.

How far from campus can Saferide take me?
Saferide operates within a 3 mile radius of the Salisbury University campus. We make few exceptions for students in dire need of a ride outside of our boundaries.

How long do I have to wait for a ride?
Typically, you will receive a ride within 30 minutes of calling. And due to recent dispatch improvements, ride waiting times have been reduced. So keep an eye out for us!

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Saferide vans transport over 800 students each weekend, and Saferide's website reaches countless Salisbury University students, faculty, and staff.

If you want to advertise with Saferide, please contact us.

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