Guide to using the best induction cooktop – summary details

Guide to using the best induction cooktop 

Induction heating is an old technology, but this has been aggressively using in the kitchen as main source food cooking recently. Several attractive models and mind blowing features are incorporated in the induction cooktop. There are hundreds of induction cooktop models are available in the market with very affordable price. Most of them are being considered as the best induction cooktop due to their quality consistency and service back up. Every product required an introduction how to use it properly, and this article is discussing about the systematic way of using an induction cooktop.

  1. Read user’s guide: Every induction cooktop shall have user’s guide and manual. Read them carefully and understand the basic function.
  2. Checking electric connection: Check the electrical installations and also note the electric circuit breaker location. Noting down the breaker location will help you deal with any emergency.
  3. Display indicators: Acquaint with the display menu information. There will be on/off switches and heat controlling illustrations and also various cooking menu options. The control operations are taken care of by soft feather touch operations.
  4. Selecting the pan: Use only flat bottom magnetic conductor pans for induction cooktop use. Non-magnetic metal pans cannot be used for induction cooking.
  5. Pan placing position: Keep the pan’s handle always inward position keeping exactly on the round position of the induction cooktop. The cooker won’t work if the pan is not placed properly on the induction cooker.
  6. Careful with induction surface: Never touch the induction surface of the cooktop, immediately after cooking. The contact area may be hot and may cause burn if touched.
  7. Empty pan: It is not advised to heat an empty pan. This may damage the cooktop and also spoil the cooking pan.
  8. Do not repair: Never try to repair the induction cooktop while it is on or plugged on. Instead of doing any service or repair attempt it would be better to call the concerned service agent.
  9. Keep the cooktop safely: Do not keep any flammable objects near to the cooktop. Also, always keep the cooktop surface clean. All moisture particles must be cleaned before using the induction cooktop.
  10. Cleaning: Use a damp sponge to clean the surface of the cooktop. It is advised to clean the top after the heat is settled down.
  11. Cooking: As a general practice of cooking it is advised to keep all the cooking ingredients ready for cooking and place the pan along with the food item to be cooked. Instead of manually adjusting heat and timer it is better to use pre-set cooking menu. The high speed and quick heating features perform much faster than conventional cooking appliances. Pre-set cooking menu for coffee/tea making or milk boiling or water boiling is very convenient if used as per the choice of requirement.

using the best induction cooktop


Generally, the best induction cooktop is equipped with advanced illumination panels for various type of cooking information. The touch controls are illuminated when activated and hence it is easy to understand the operation. Also, the cooktops are available in the market with lock systems. This will prevent the cooker being accidently activated and also good to use a child lock protection. Since most of the cooktops are touch button operation, the locking systems are very much helpful from the safety point of view. The size of the induction cooktop has to be selected as per the daily cooking requirements.


What style of glider chair is good


What style of glider chair is goodThe basic idea of a best glider chair is to have a comfortable feeding, the cuddling session with your child.  Unlike the rocker chair, the glider chair slides back and forth smoothly on a fixed rail without disturbing the child.  The movement is achieved by slight motion and is very comfortable for your child.

Soft padding:

Glider chair with good soft padding is better than wooden or fabricated steel non-padded chairs. Since you are not sure about the amount of time spending on a glider chair, the glider should be softly padded to give you extra comfort for an extended period than of an expected normal period.

Spacious seat:

The glider chair seating room should have enough space for a comfortable seating by holding your baby.  The average recommended width between the armrests is 20 inches that would be enough.  Also, there should be store pocket holder for keeping the feeding bottle and books. This will help to have an easy access without leaving the chair.

Comfortable height from seat cushion to top headrest:

A good glider chair should have comfortable height spacing between the seat cushion to the top of the armrest.  The best leverage of space between the armrest top and the seat cushion is 10 inches.  That would be enough for the comfortable feeding of your baby.

Softly padded backrest:

The backrest of the glider chair must be soft adequately padded to give maximum soothing experience.  The head rest also should have designed to give proper support.  The best height is approximated 27 inches from the seat cushion to the top of back rest would be ideal.

Glider chair that looks like an ordinary chair:

Glider chair that looks like a regular chair is more acceptable and can be used in your living room once the nursery age of your child is over.  The glider chairs with smooth silk movement are good comparing to wooden rails that create noise during their sliding movement.

Cushioned arms rest:

The arm rest should be comfortably padded or cushioned so that it can support your elbow while holding your baby and feeding.  The height of the arm should have fixed at the right height that can allow you to hold your baby comfortable by resting your elbow on the armrest of the chair. A better way to check the utility and comfort of the armrest position can have by doing a practical checking by sitting on the chair.  The level arm comfort may vary from person to person depending on the height.

Perfect ottoman:

Gliders sold along with ottomans are more preferable than that sold without ottomans.  Otherwise, you have to hunt for a matching ottoman.  If the color of the cushion fabric as well as the polish of the wood not matching with the glider chair that may look very awkward.   Right height maintained ottoman is very essential if you are a breastfeeding mother.

Preferable gliding movement:

As you know, a glider chair does not recline.  The maximum glide motion from back to forth is one foot and is the recommended movement. Do not buy a glider chair that offer a larger gliding experience as that may disturb your body management.

Ottoman with gliding feature:

The ottoman supplied along with glider chair also should have gliding features to support the glide movement of the chair.  If the ottoman does not have the feature of gliding, you have to bend your knees invariably, and this will be very uncomfortable to you as well as our baby.  By keeping your foot on the floor, you can stop the gliding movement.


On a general note, a best glider chair is easy to clean, assemble, with proper padding and overall stylish in appeal would be the best choice.  The glider must be affordably priced, luxuriously polished and made of neat wood finishing can meet your very purpose.

Tips for choosing the best stainless steel cookware set

Tips for cooking with stainless steel cookware

Stainless steel cookware has been considered as a superior one in quality as compared with cookware made from traditional materials. Many chefs have demonstrated their preference for using stainless steel cookware for their cooking. So how do you know what is the best stainless steel cookware set?

Here are some useful tips for you before purchasing stainless steel cookware:

  1. Look for 18/10 stainless steel cookware

18/10 stainless steel cookware is considered the most durable option, which is made of 18% chromium and 10% nickel. With chromium, this set prevents stains and rust while nickel helps the chromium even more efficient, good-looking and glossy appearance. It also protects this set from corrosion.

  1. Handles and lids.

The best stainless steel cookware absolutely has enduring and strong handles and lids. You should choose the right lids that fit with your pots or pans, also has a hole for steam escaping. But don’t find for sleazy handles, try a solid one so it might be able to last for a lifetime.

  1. Choosing set with various pans and pots

Keep in mind that you should go for sets that have many kinds of pots and pans as a top priority. Instead of choosing many same cookwares, you should pay attention for a variety size and style of pots and pans. It’s very beneficial to have many types of cook wares, so it’ll be much convenient when it comes to different cuisine. For example, you need a sauté pan for cooking meat, a saucepan for soups and a stock pot for pasta. For some cookware sets, it also produces steamers and skillets, which please many people.

  1. Aluminum core

The best stainless steel cookware always has a strong core made of aluminum. With the aluminum core, we can make sure this set can bring durability and prevent corrosive. Compare with pure stainless steel, aluminum core provides heat evenly and advances heat productivity. It’s even better if you can find copper core stainless steel cookwares.

You should check every factor in this list when looking for the best stainless steel cookware for your kitchen. It might help you choose the proper one that brings both quality and functionality.