3 Common Ways to Sharpen Your Hunting Knife

To be well-prepared, a hunter can choose the suitable weapons that could be a bow and arrow or a gun. However, it’s a knife that most of hunters have one on them while hunting. So, you find it essential to have a knife, but it’s more important to have a sharp knife. A sharp knife is a safe and efficient knife! If it’s not easy to sharpen your dear knife yourself, just call a sharpening service. Otherwise, you can have your knife’s blade ready for hunting based on 3 common sharpening ways as below.

Sharpening with a whetstone

Sharpening stones or whetstones are various in size, shape and material. These flat stones are usually used for flat steel blades and tools, and the complex stones are used for the complex shaped blades and tools. With a whetstone, a hunter needs to be a bit professional to grind his dull knife at home. Nowadays, there are different kinds of pocket sharpening stones available in the market.


A clip point blade

To sharpen your knife with a whetstone, first choose the right whetstone for your knife. Then, the whetstone is put into water for a while to be wet. With some kinds of bench stones, you have to use oil on it. Holding the knife at an angle of about 15 degrees, you move readily the blade forward and backward against the rougher side of the whetstone. Remember to keep your hands free at the cutting angle along the stone while moving not to damage your knife blade. After that, turn over and keep sharpening the other side of the blade until the unwanted part of the knife is removed. Finally, polish your knife with the finer side. With the knife that has more than one blade, you should sharpen them all.


Steps to sharpen a knife on a whetstone

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Sharpening with a sharpening rod

Sharpening rods or sharpening steels are used by many hunters since they are often available, easy to use, and also a part of hunting weapons. Made of steel, this type of sharpener is more used to maintain a knife blade than a dull knife. So, you can use it to hone lightly your knife or/and reshape the knife’s edge. Especially, you can you it wet or dry.


A sharpening rod

To use a sharpening rod, you hold it in one hand and hold your knife in the other hand. Holding the knife and the rod at an angle of 20-25 degrees, you sweep the knife repeatedly towards yourself 5-7 times. Then, turn to the other side. Finally, use a wet towel to remove unwanted metal filings on the knife.


Holding the knife and the rod at an angle of 20-25 degrees


Sharpening a knife with a steel rod

Sharpening with a pull-through sharpener

For beginners, a pull-through sharpener is a good choice, for it doesn’t need much technique. Generally, this kind of sharpener has a V-shape that can be adjustable to fit with the blade. That way, the sharpener can sharpen many kinds of knives.


A pull-through sharpener

To sharpen your hunting knife with a pull-through tool, draw your knife lightly through the rough V-shape. Don’t apply much pressure because it doesn’t mean anything. But, it may remove your knife’s material away. Pass your knife several times, and then turn to the finer V-shape. Check the knife’s sharpness with your nail (Be careful!). If it “sticks” to your nail, stop and clean your knife with a cloth.


A pull-through sharpener with 3 V-shapes


  1. For beginners, you should practice with a cheap knife from a flea market, and then move on to your hunting knife when you can control your hands’ moving and know exactly how to sharpen a knife.
  2. How can you sharpen a knife without any whetstones or sharpening rods? You can apply daily objects into sharpening your knife. It could be your car’s window, the bottom of a ceramic mug or even your other knife. Check it out at this video:

5 ways to sharpen a knife without a sharpener by Sierra Trading Post.

  1. To know how sharp your knife is, check it with your nail carefully or with a piece of paper.
  2. Besides the sharpeners above, different grinding wheels or electric stones are available. But, try not to use them often. They can make your knife sharp quickly, and also make it lose its edge quickly.

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If you still find it uneasy to sharpen a knife, watch the videos below and practice more. Then, take your bow and arrows, and don’t forget your knife. Enjoy the open season!

How to sharpen your hunting knife by Team Wild TV

How a Food Dehydrator will Save You Money

Not a lot of people own a food dehydrator, and the reason for this is because they don’t think they need it. Another reason is because people wanting to save money wouldn’t actually buy an appliance that has only one function. With all due respect, people who think this way are wrong. Almost everybody actually needs a food dehydrator and having one will save you money.


A food dehydrator will extend foods’ shelf life

How many times have you taken bowls of forgotten food out your fridge? Almost-rotten fruits and vegetables also top the list, and they go straight to the garbage. Having a best food dehydrator will actually let you save these. At the end of the day, check your fridge and look for foods that are nearing expiration. Throw them into the dehydrator and you’ve just extended their shelf life for months.

You won’t have to buy expensive snacks

There are a lot of wonderful snacks that you make with a food dehydrator. Start from beef jerky into sweet fruit leathers. As you go along, you’d find dozens of other snacks that you can make with the machine. This is a wonderful way to stack up your snack pantry. Not only do these allow you to save money but they’re very healthy too.

You can stock up on herbs and spices

Some herbs and spices can be really expensive when bought from the grocery. There were actually a couple of times when I omitted them from my dish because they’re too expensive. You can start by planting a number of different herbs in your backyard for a small cost. If having a garden is not an option, you can always buy them fresh and then dehydrate them (fresh herbs always cost less).

Decrease price of camping food

If you often go to camping and hiking with friends or family, chances are you spend a lot of money on camping food. Buying packed food or buying them on the way to the trail can be very expensive – they’re even expensive even when you pack them at home but didn’t prepare them yourself.
Making camping food at home can save you tons. It’s actually like you’re just buying regular food except that there’s the added benefit of being able to take it to camping or hiking.
One favorite among hikers and campers is beef jerky. This is super easy to make with a food dehydrator plus you can decide on how you want it to taste too!

Dehydrated food is healthy which means savings on medical insurance and hospital bills

Dehydrated food is actually one of the latest trends to hit the vegan world. This is because the enzyme is still intact on these kinds of food, which allows the body for easier digestion, more energy, etc. There is no doubt that eating dehydrated food results in a healthier lifestyle, and this result in less medical conditions.

Use the dehydrator for making inexpensive gifts

One of the pressures of Holidays is buying gifts for people. While I enjoy shopping, there’s also the worry of adding more debts to my credit card. By having a dehydrator, I can make fruit chips and give them as gifts. I can also use the machine to dry flowers and use them as decorations for home-made cards.

Buying in bulk will save you more

I’ve always wanted to buy in bulk since it’s cheaper, but I worry that we may not be able to consume the all food before they go bad. With a dehydrator, I can buy as much as I want and then preserve them through dehydrating.
Save on air fresheners

Nothing beats a good-smelling room, but I’m not really into buying commercial air fresheners for two reasons: it’s expensive and I’m not comfortable with the idea of spraying chemicals right where my children play. By drying a batch of fruits and/ or vegetables drenched in essential oils, I can instantly make a room smell good. I often put them on a plate or a bowl and just leave it in a room.

Save on sweets

Some people are sweet-tooth, they can’t live without eating anything sweet. If you have a child who loves eating sweets, it can be expensive and unhealthy too. Through dehydrating, fruits actually get sweeter. You can also make sweet treats without using sugar such as fruit leathers. This would allow you to save money compared to buying sweets from the store.

Let’s you save gas

Not a lot of people understand that going back and forth to buy supplies waste a lot of gas. This is why it’s more practical to buy everything you need in one go and minimize driving to the store as much as possible. Since you can buy in foods in bulk and preserve them using your food dehydrator, you don’t have to go back and forth to the store.

You can make money too

Of course, making money is better than saving. There are actually a lot of ways that you can earn money through dehydrating food. One good idea is selling them. with a best dehydrator for jerky, you can Make jerky, chips and fruit leathers. If you or your husband is into hunting, you can always dehydrate the meat (there’s always too much meat after hunting!) and then sell them. A friend of mine does this, and the money actually paid for his food dehydrator and his hunting license!

Air Compressor Capacitor: Selecting a new one

Users can get a lot of information regarding the parameters of getting a new best rated portable air compressor capacitor on different blogs and sites. However, in this article, users will get a more detailed and to the point information about the guidelines related to compressor motor capacitor and how you can find a new compressor capacitor.

Air Compressor Capacitor: Selecting a new one

Compressor capacitor:

A capacitor is an electronic device, which joins to a cooling system’s compressor module. The key function of this is to store and release the electrical energy in order to run the compressor at the early start up and throughout the operation. It has two types namely, run version and start version.

Marginal Compressor Power Supply- Explanation:

Generally, an air compressor’s power supply is marginal. Normally when we talk about the marginal power supply, we refer to the small workshop or house air compressor, plugged into a wall opening, frequently having an AMP 15 breaker.

Just think about the power string to a compressor as water hose. The length and the width of the water hose from the source of the water. In addition, with the quantity of the water, which is available at that entire source, all can affect the flow of water through the nozzle of a water hose.

At that time, if users require the water for demands a huge amount of water supply, which can flow through the water hose, you will not have enough amount of water to perform this job.

The wire to the compressor works in a simple way. The breaker of the compressor, which supplies the power to the wall opening, might be at a long distance away from the place of the socket. One important thing to note is that the actual size of the breaker such as AMP 20 v/s AMP 15 breaker, can affect the quantity of the power supply to the socket.

Another basic thing to remember is the total number of all the other apparatuses, which might be on and getting power, from the same socket as the compressor, can affect the power supply getting to the wall socket.

In order to start the motor users will need, as enough power of 120 voltage, so it can be said that starting a motor simply means that is a difficult task. However, the start capacitor can help in the task.

Compressor motor: number of Capacitor required:

The capacitor is placed inside the round bump, on the side of electric compressor motor. Generally, traditional air compressors have more than one capacitors.

Capacitors: Further Information

After getting the general information about what is capacitor and how you can find a replacement, now you can easily find a new compressor motor capacitor. Just image that your current capacitor has not heated up to that point where the place on the other side of it is no longer clear, the marking must display a voltage range or voltage.

It is important the marking must also display a microfarad rating, it’s a number of range generally followed µF, and it is a symbol of microfarad. The current capacitor will have to be connected to the motor circuit in some way and that is normally a spade shaped type of electronic connector.

In order to find a replacement capacitor for the compressor motor you have to follow the below given guidelines.

  • It is important to find any one online, which has the same microfarad ratings. The precise number or a range, which contains the ratings of the old one.
  • Try to find which has the same voltage ratings just like the old one.
  • Try to get one, which has the same connectors or plan on linking the motor wires to the connector on the capacitor.
  • Ensure that capacitor you got should be according to the all of the above-described parameters and should fits the compressor.
  • It is important to read the label of the capacitor. If you are unable to read then it is important to get all of the compressor’s motor specifications from the motor information plate. You can also use it as part of your search criteria, Google search for the electronic motor and capacitor.

So it can be concluded that by reading all of the above given information, you will be able to find a perfect capacitor for the compressor. Click here to learn more now

How to pick the right kitchen faucet for your home


How to pick the right kitchen faucet for your home

Being a world’s half – women, the kitchen is no ifs ands or buts the one place that you invest the greater part of your energy in. you may be get ready for a supper night, watering your plants or notwithstanding washing the child. Whatever the case, kitchens are a lady’s best place to be than any of alternate rooms in the house. Given this, selecting a completion to beginning on the establishment, there are bunches of things that you should consider with regards to picking the best kitchen faucet that you have. There are bunches of choices in the business sector, so you most likely are believable that it will be a stroll in the recreation center. Notwithstanding it is a direct result of this that settling on the ideal decision for your kitchen shifts from simple to overwhelming and testing. To assist in settling on the best decision on the best Pull-Down kitchen faucet, underneath is a far reaching aide.

How to pick the right kitchen faucet


As you go about your day by day business in your kitchen, you will require a fixture that can deal with the exercises that you complete once a day without breaking out or making the tasks’ performing an agony in the behind. Consider your errands in the kitchen and consider the elements and their blends that would work best for you. This incorporates the gush’s tallness, the handles showers and so forth. All these will work towards making your kitchen a powerful place that works for you.


While it is exceptionally enticing and simple to become involved with fantasizing exactly how much the fixture you plan to purchase will change the look of your place, it is likewise vital to have a firm handle and comprehension of how precisely the sink setup that you have influences the spigot that you can pick.

Style and wrap up

Spigots, frankly, develop past being a useful piece in the kitchen to being a statement of the one of a kind taste that you have. Pause a minute or two to check out your kitchen, take in the validness of your kitchen and imagine the spigot that makes it complete.

Above are some real tips and contemplations that will prove to be useful when you are settling on a best’s decision kitchen fixture. Before you make a buy, guarantee that all the above elements have been met and that you are completely fulfilled. Much obliged for perusing our complete audit of the best kitchen fixture surveys. We trust you are content with every one of the elements and the clarifications that accompany every model.

Read more at allfaucetsworld.com to find your kitchen accessories